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 You can use  to promote your e/ibook, print book, publication, promotion or services 


 Our web site(s) have a UK as well as world-wide circulation   

 Drives more publishing & publishers sector and associated companies.

Target Audience

You can use iGO eBooks® to promote your book(s), publication(s), promotion or other service(s), to our extensive audience of groups and associated companies in the e/publishing & e/publishers industry.


iGO eBooks® offers competitive low-cost advertising opportunities to both Authors & e/Publishers resources and those involved in organising events in the publishing & publishers industry.


Adverts can be published on the Web site with your chosen image or logo and designated URL link.


Why Advertise with us?   

 Why advertise on our web site(s)?

Our web site(s) have a UK as well as world-wide circulation, (accessible24:7), with detailed and up-to-date information on subject matters relating to the publishing & publishers industry. This information is via the Internet as part of our iGO & iGO eBooks® portal.


Information is updated by our editorial as well as those new to publishing & publishers, sponsors and other associated bodies being added to our database. Our online website(s) are searchable by keywords and Google Analytics plus Others.


 The BENEFITS to you are:


 It's FREE to subscribers/supporters


 Drives more e/publishing & e/publishers sector & associated interested sources to your site from our high exposure website(s).  

 Simply look at the bottom of this page to see just how many 'likes’ via Social Media we have achieved todate and increasing day-on-day to tangible demonstrate the extent of outreach, which your advertising can engage with - in excess of 410k.  Just think of the marketing potential alone!


 It gives you an advantage over your competitors by linking with us.


 It adds value to your site by creating a one-stop-shop hyperlink.

 Linked access to a comprehensive database of information, resources, and guidance, continually maintained and updated by us so you do not have the hassle of compiling a directory yourself or create hardcopy data files.

 Helps towards segmentation of the audience who visit your website link.

 Works towards behavioral and contextual targeting + KPI's.


 Creates continuity between your advertisement, attribution, and site product/service.

 From a trusted and well established Consultancy source since 1972, Author since 2004, and e/i-print Book publishing since 2011.

  We are offering a special discount rate of only just £20 per month or £100 for an advertisement for an entire year so reserve your advertisement today by selecting your option on the drop down menu and then clicking on our Logo image below. Payment is welcome by PayPal or credit card (all acceptable) simply select your choice and follow the instructions. Once you click below it will open in a new browser screen to the 'secure' 'https'  payment website with auto confirmation to your designated e-mail address in redaction (xxxx xxxx xxxx 1234) format!  











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