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Fundraising } Reporting Procedures 











Keep the funder informed of the progress of the workNewsletters; press releases or coverage; events, etc.

  Follow any given reporting guidelines/requirements.

   If these are not clear, clarify with the funder.

  Ensure you report to the funder on time.

 Invite the funder to become involved where appropriate - (attending launch events etc).

 Keep reporting information brief and to the point, with a fuller report at the end of the grant, including whether the objectives of the work were met scheduling with objectives -v- outcomes.

   Enclose relevant information with your report such as financial update, publicity materials and photographsto save costs of printing, consideration might be given to saving all this on a memory stick and introduced as to the content in your covering letter, or send via e-mail.

 Offer the funder the opportunity to discuss the work or to request more information at any time.

 If there are problems with the work, keep the funder fully informed.

  If you are planning any changes to the way you are going to spend the money from what was originally proposed, seek the funder’s permission first.   Be prepared to change your plans or payback the money if they decline permission.

  Inform the funder of any key staff changes or funding information A 'variation' form or letter/e-mail may be required.

                 Please also see our e/iBook entitled: "Writing your Application⌘ Fundraising"

  Other helpful sources: : Governance and Leadership Resources  

        VolResource - Governance  

        Charity Trustee Networks

        Civil Society

        Visible Communitiessister caught brother

        Third Sector - Governance

        NCVO : Governance and Leadership - Resources

        ACEVO : Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations support and representation for members ranging from leaders of small community based organisations to those of the nation’s best known charity brands.

         The Charity Governance Code – Essential reading for all trustees.

         Charity Governance Code

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