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Whilst you are encouraged to order any of the e/iBooks from any of the above publishers websites we have established our own e/i-Book shop webpage, as periodically we will offer discounts.  For special campaign occasions, anything up to 50% of the proceeds will go to your designated nominated charity(ies) making this an even more worthwhile opportunity to buy our e/i-Books.  The e/iBooks on this webpage below focus on the genre subject matter in the Fundraising Material Series.


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Fundraising from Companies & Charitable Trusts/Foundations + Through The Internet - Fifth Edition


Guide and reference to fundraising techniques, things to consider, and contacts for new, small, and emerging Groups/ Organisations in the Charity/Third Sector seeking to improve their engagement with potential funders in the Corporate and Charitable Trusts/Foundations Sectors.


This fifth edition update also provides for more details examples, illustrations, and hundreds of URL hyperlinks to resources and points of contact saving hours/days of onerous work and research to discover on the web.

Invaluable contextual material for inspiring ideas and positive way to deal with the whole issue of fundraising in this climate and good value for the price.


This book is one of more than 30 e/i-print books in the genre subject matters of fundraising, governance and organisational material series.

Introduction to Fundraising Presentation


Introductory Training Presentation in Fundraising for Voluntary Sector New, Small, and Emerging Organisations/Groups.

Fundraising Exiting Strategy


This alternative visual version also originally formed part of fundraising training aimed at new, small, and emerging groups who, having achieved funding for a project moved straight to delivering it but towards the end of the funding life cycle omitted to give sufficient advance consideration to renewable funding to sustain the work of new, small, and emerging organisations.. This eBook gives thought and practical consideration to a fundraising Exiting Strategy so as to enable sustainable service delivery, outcomes, and effective continuity of the organisation so as to quantify new grant aid funding from potential grant aid funders. It includes practical ideas and an illustrative example of once area of discipline with identifying potential researched funders, information and url links to begin the process of engaging and looking at applying for their respective currently available funding streams.

Fundraising : A Christian Perspective


Is Fundraising part of God's Plan?

Christian fundraising creates opportunities to involve God's people in God's work?

How does this Christian Fundraising work?


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